The Kololi Casino Complex - Gambia

The Kololi is Gambia’s largest casino but sadly its fate hangs in the balance, At the time of writing, there are plans to outlaw gambling and casinos throughout the small west African country.

Hopefully, moderation and regulation will prevail and a sensible attitude to gambling and casinos will be established. They are a very good source of revenue and a tourist attraction.

The Kololi Casino Complex was built with government money in 1991 and is the jewel is the Senegambia area’s crown. As well as a large and modern casino, the complex includes a bar, a café, and a restaurant.

The Aquarius Café is a popular spot for young locals and transforms into a nightclub when the sun goes down. La Valbonne is arguably one of the best restaurants in the country, serving an ever-changing menu of Italian food.

As well as these two options, the casino also has a fully stocked bar where weary gamblers can enjoy some light refreshment. The casino is luxurious with a huge gaming floor. The interior is modern and classy and as close to Las Vegas as you will get in west Africa.

Staff are friendly and well-trained and committed to ensuring that all visitors have a safe, rewarding, and entertaining time. The are four self-catering studios at the Kololi Complex, if you want to stay on site.

We hope the Kololi Casino Complex will continue to flourish despite stern regulation on the horizon. If you are lucky enough to be travelling to Gambia soon, make sure you take the time to visit the Kololi Casino Complex.

Casino Details

  • Three roulette tables
  • Two blackjack tables
  • Three poker tables
  • Separate Texas Holdem poker room
  • Some slots
  • In the heart of the Senegambia area
  • Aquarius Café
  • The Koli Casino Main Bar
  • La Valbonne Restaurant

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Transport Information

Banjul International Airport is a 30 minute drive from the Kololi resort town. A taxi is your best option.

Casino Contact Information

Address: Kololi, Senegambia
Telephone: +220 446 0226