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What does the future hold for you at Fortune Keno? Allow us to take you on a magical mystery tour where the journey is looking into the future and hopefully landing you a big cash prize at the end of it! For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Fortune Keno is a combination of the Lotto and Bingo, but with the added charm of a raven-haired fortune teller gazing into her crystal ball where hopefully your numbers are written large amongst the cloudy swirls. Fortune Keno is a fixed odds game of chance in which you are picking numbers and hoping that the balls which are drawn virtually match yours to gain a cash prize. It’s a simple game but there are a few options available in terms of how many numbers you select. The more you select the greater the prize at the end of the rainbow where a potential x5000 jackpot awaits the lucky player. If you like the excitement of Lotto night then Fortune Keno is the game for you because you can play this any day of the week. We think we’ve got your number at online casino so take a chance on this great arcade game. The ball is in your court!

Bright future on the horizon at Fortune Keno

The aim of the game is to pick a selection of numbers ranging between one and 80 on a grid and hope that the balls which are drawn virtually match yours to gain a cash prize. Your first job is to decide how many numbers you are going to select. You must select between two and 10 numbers by clicking the ones you want on the grid. The next two options you need to consider are your bet size and whether you want to play in rounds of one or five. If you choose five you will play with the same numbers five times using your original stake for each game. It’s easy and fun to play, but to give you an even bigger thrill new players to online casino games will receive 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) as a welcome bonus. The future is bright at

See the light in crystal clear arcade classic

Once the game gets under way by clicking ‘Play‘ the fun really starts because the numbers appear as sparks which are emitted rapidly like shooting stars from the crystal ball. Should these shards of light land on one of your numbers on the grid they are highlighted, but the non-hit squares are singed. The pay-out depends on the amount of numbers you selected from the grid and your stake, of course, but the pay-table will calculate it for you automatically. Fortune Keno is just one of the great games to be found at online arcade games. Take a look because a fortune could just be waiting for you.


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