Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Online at South Africa

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch is a branded scratch card game from Playtech that is based on the popular 1970s TV show with the same name, starring Lee Majors. The game shows the story of Steve Austin, an astronaut who volunteered for experimental surgery to provide him with a bionic arm, bionic legs and a bionic left eye to give him super powers to be a special agent. The electronic display with levers and lights adds to the theme of the game. The game is unique among online scratch card games and will be familiar to anyone who knows the show.

How the Game Works

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch it set on a 3x3 grid on a screen from the late 1970s. The game differs from the typical scratch card online casino games in that while the aim of the game is to match three identical symbols on the grid, you are only able to choose four out of the nine squares in your attempt. There are only three possible symbols to match – a bionic eye, a bionic hand or a bionic foot. There is an autoplay feature in the game so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the game without even being in front of your computer.

Playing to Win

Start the game by placing your bet and with a wide range of betting amounts available, the game is suitable for players with all sizes of bankroll. You can increase or decrease the bet size to suit you. Click on Play to get a new grid. You then need to select four of the nine squares on the grid. If three of those symbols match each other, you will win the prize that is displayed next to the grid. There is a large range of prize amounts that can be won with an impressive top win of 500K. If you don’t win in the game, the remaining five squares will be revealed to show you where you could have won. You can then try your luck again on a new grid. If you play with the autopay feature you will be able to choose the number of games that play consecutively. These will play with your original bet amount and will add any wins to your bankroll before the next game starts.

You can enjoy The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch at an online casino South Africa players can play at, such as South Africa. Visit the scratch card games suite to pick this game and enjoy the features that make the game popular – the authentic 1970s graphics and the many chances to win big prizes even off small bets.