Play Pink Panther Scratch Online at South Africa

Pink Panther Scratch is one of the branded online casino games from Playtech. Based on the well-known Inspector Clouseau and the even more famous, Pink Panther, players will enjoy the top graphics and sounds in this game. You can enjoy this top scratch card game from the comfort of home when you play at a casino online, making the most of the benefits of the high winnings that are available in scratch card games online and the convenience of playing at any time of the day or night.

The Game Features

When playing Pink Panther Scratch you will be greeted with a large Pink Panther, holding a hand of scratch cards right in the centre of your screen. To the left is a large 3x3 grid with nine squares where your card symbols will be revealed.

There are a number of special features in this game. The autoplay feature allows you to set the machine to play 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 scratch cards. There is a Free Cards circle which is a special feature allowing you to scratch the circle to award you with 0 - 3 free cards. The free cards will play automatically and also offer the ability to win extra free cards. There is also a Pink Bonus feature. Each time you play a scratch card, one of the letters “P”, “I”, “N” or “K” can be added to the text block. If you spell out “PINK” you can win 8x your bet.

Playing and Winning

The aim of Pink Panther Scratch is to line up three Pink Panthers, three Inspector Clouseaus or three Little Man symbols. Begin by choosing a card value which can be adjusted up or down to suit your bankroll. Click on Play to start a new game and you can then choose to scratch each square one by one or you can Scratch All to reveal all the symbols at one time. Don’t forget to scratch the Free Cards circle to see if you won any free games. If you are playing with the autoplay feature, the games will play automatically using the same bet and any winnings will be added to your bankroll before the next game begins.

If you match up three Pink Panther symbols you can win up to 15,000x your bet; if you match three Inspector Clouseau symbols you can win up to 9x your bet and if you match three Little Man symbols you can win up to 4x your bet.

Visit the scratch card games suite to play Pink Panther Scratch. Keep your eyes open for three matching symbols and you could win some impressive payouts when you play at South Africa.