How to Play Online Slots at

Playing online slot games on is a fun, fast and easy way to win real money. Follow our simple guide and you could be the winner of a big cash prize!

How to Start an Online Slot Game

To start playing, double-click the icon on your desktop to launch the casino lobby. Select Practice Mode or Play for Real Money, log in, then click on the Slot Machines tab and select the type of slot game you wish to play (Classic Multi Line, Video 50 Line etc) and finally, select the specific slot game you wish to play – there are lots to choose from. Your slot game will open in a separate window.

To begin playing an online casino slot, you need to choose the amount of money you want to bet with. Click the Bet One button to add one coin to the current round of online casino slots or click the Bet Max button to bet the maximum amount allowed in the game.

Once you’re happy with the amount you want to bet with, click the Spin button. This will activate the reels, making them spin quickly. Press Stop at any time to bring the reels to a halt or wait for them to stop automatically.

Once the reels have stopped spinning, check them for winning combinations. If you have three or more matching symbols, you’ll be entitled to a payout. Have a look at the game’s pay table for information on each symbol, combination and how much money you can win. Pay tables vary for different games.

Gambling in Online Casino Slots

Many online casino slot games offer a Gamble option after a win has been established. By clicking the Gamble button, you can bet the winnings from your last spin with the aim of increasing them!

In most online casino slot games, gambling means you have to predict whether the next card that is shown will be, for example, red or black. If you guess correctly, you win. If you guess incorrectly, you will lose your bet and the Gamble feature will close. You can view your winnings in the Bank area.

Click Collect if you don’t wish to gamble your winnings. This will add the winnings of your last spin to your overall balance.

Pay lines

If you’re playing a multi-line game, you can activate specific pay lines by clicking Select Lines. The lines will appear over the reels. The more you click the button, the more lines you can activate. When a winning combination of symbols appears in your selected pay line, you win. Always check the game’s pay table to find out how much money each winning combination is worth.

Note that Line Bets and Total Bets are not the same. A Line Bet shows you the amount you’re betting on a single pay line, while a Total Bet shows you the amount you’re spending in the current round.

Download our software, create a real-money account and play our slot games to win some amazing cash prizes. If you’re unsure about the general rules of slot games, read our Rules of Slots page and, for more information on how the games have evolved, visit our History of Slots page. If you require further help, contact a member of our friendly support team, who are always happy to answer your questions. Have fun playing slot games at – the only place to play.

  • Bet One: Use this to increase or decrease the value of the coin you wish to bet with during an online slot game.
  • Bet Max: This button will allow you to bet a total of three coins in one round of a casino slot game. Once pushed, this button will automatically set the reels spinning.
  • Bet per Line: Use this button to display the line combinations you have selected.
  • Spin: Push this to start the reels spinning during an online casino slot game.
  • Hold: Click this to freeze a reel if it is displaying a symbol you wish to keep playing with.
  • Select Lines: Push this button to highlight each line you wish to cover with your bets during an online casino slot game.
  • Pay Table: This enables you to see the jackpots as well as the smaller payouts. They also provide descriptions on some of the symbols, such as Scatter and Wild symbols.
  • Play for Real Money: Click this to take you to the Real Money account creation page if you are currently playing for fun.
  • Menu: When clicked, you will be presented with three options:
    1. History: This will display details of previous games and rounds you have played.
    2. Options: Allows you to change audio/visual settings in the game.
    3. Help: Click to open the user manual if you require more game instructions.
  • Online Support: Click if you require more help with an online slot game, you can speak to a customer support specialist.
  • Close/Lobby: Click here to go back to the lobby. If you are playing in multi-window mode, this button will display the word Close. If the mult-iwindow support is enabled, the button will display the word Lobby. You use this feature by clicking the Options button.
  • Shortcut Keys for online slots:
    1. Tab: Allows you to jump between buttons on the screen.
    2. Enter: Allows you to click the button that is currently highlighted.
    3. Spacebar: This will spin the reels with your current bet.
    4. Esc: Push to exit your slot game.