Learn to Play Multi Line Slots at Casino.com

A multi line slots game is just like playing any other slots game, with one major difference: the number of payout lines.

The Basics of Multi Line Slots

Single line slot games have just one payout line, usually crossing the middle of three rows - but classic multi line slots have more payout lines. They come not only across, but in lots of angles and combinations. Of course this depends on the game; not all multi line slot games have the same amount of pay lines. Some slot games can begin with three line slots, and reach multi line games of up to 25 pay lines.

Since there is more than one pay line, more than one combination of symbols can produce a winning outcome. This means that a single bet can produce more than one win - increasing the player's chance of winning every spin!

Playing Multi Line Slots at Casino.com

To play at our casino, you must first download our Casino.com software, a Flash program with all the hundreds of games we have to offer. Then you must create an account. Creating an account is free if you wish to play multi-line slots in practice mode, but in order to win real money, depositing is crucial. In our slots section, you will discover hundreds of slots varieties and one of these varieties is multi line slots. Check the games out one by one - as they are very diverse and different from one another, not only in themes and graphics but in payouts and betting types and bonuses.

Understanding these multi line slots payout charts is important so you know how much to wager per turn. Your initial bet is multiplied once or multiple times as the pay lines allow it. If there are 25 pay lines in total, then you are free to bet up to 25 times. This can increase your chance of winning combinations, though some slots players believe that overlapping lines or opposite payout lines can also decrease your chance of winning if you bet on too many pay lines. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the game when you're still in free practice mode, so you get the hang of the intricacies of the paylines and betting strategies.

Check out the different types of slots we have to offer, see the difference between them and give them a try - but always remember, have fun!