Play Online Magic Slots

Magic Slots is a popular three-reel, classic single-line Las Vegas-style slot machine available on Magic Slots joins the ranks of other single-line slots that are also progressive online casino games, including the three-reel game, SafeCracker, and a number of five- and eight-reel progressive games, like Diamond Valley and Gold Rally. Because the game is progressive, it means a percentage of every wager you make will go to the Progressive Jackpot pool, which will be won by a single individual. So take a chance and see if you can win the Progressive Jackpot at’s Magic Slots!

Magic Slots

Playing Magic Slots

When you are ready to play this casino game online, select the amount of your bet by using the “Increase” and “Decrease” buttons. After you make your bet, you will choose to either Bet One, thereby betting only a single coin, or to Bet Max, which will bet the maximum number of coins and the will automatically spin the reel. If you select Bet One, you will have to click the “Spin” button when you are done. The symbols include One-Bar, Two-Bars, Three-Bars, Dice, a Diamond Ring, and Hat and Gloves.

Progressive Jackpot and Bonus Feature with Magic Slots

There are two ways to win large payouts with Magic Slots – either getting the Progressive Jackpot, or playing the Bonus Feature. You win the Progressive Jackpot if you get three Hats and Gloves, the highest ranked symbols, along the payline when wagering the Max Bet. Once an individual wins the Progressive Jackpot, it resets and starts over again.

To be eligible for the Bonus Feature, you need to collect three Magic Wand symbols along the three reels when wagering the Max Bet. Once the Bonus Feature has been activated, select one of four hats to receive a Bonus Prize. The amount of the prize is dependent on the hat you select. Hope that luck is on your side and you select the hat with the largest Bonus Prize payout!

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