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The Six Million Dollar Man was a smash hit American TV series from the 1970s starring Lee Majors, who played the character Steve Austin, a NASA astronaut seriously injured when a lifting body aircraft crashes. Austin’s right arm, both legs and left eye are replaced by bionic implants in a trailblazing operation which cost - you guessed it - six million dollars. The new parts give Austin super-human speed, strength and vision. Because he can do things like run at approximately 100kmh, get the power of a bulldozer from his legs and use his infrared eyesight with zoom-in capabilities he lands a nice job working as a secret agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence. The credits included the immortal lines: ‘She’s breaking up, she’s breaking…’ and ‘We can rebuild him; we have the technology’ which became extremely popular in school playgrounds and offices throughout the world! Well, now he’s back courtesy of online casino - in a scratch card game that will have you running in slow motion all over again!

Vintage scratch has classic appeal

The game is a classic and there are many great touches which players old enough to remember the series will love, but which has enough features to keep younger players that have never heard of it coming back for more. Selecting the card price is an experience in itself because click on the plus and minus keys and the stake moves sideways, rather like a gauge you might find in an operating theatre or maybe a plane. Now you’re ready to go, so click on play and scratch four squares from the grid and hope you have three matching symbols to win the prize which is always displayed on a high-tech (for the 1970s) piece of equipment on the left before the game starts. At online casino games we have the retro and the modern covered so take a look with your new bionic eye!

It won’t cost an arm and a leg to play!

The symbols within the nine-square grid are three of the bionic pieces of engineering which make up Austin’s new body - a foot, a hand and an eye. Match three of these and not only do you win a prize but you are treated to a bit of old-fashioned laser technology with the words ‘You Win!’ splashed across the screen. The range of card prices suits every budget too, but if you play with the highest stake it is possible to win $/€1million - just a sixth of what it cost to build the world’s first bionic man! We have the technology at online scratch cards to make your experience out of this world.