Play Mini Roulette

Ready for a switch from the classic version of online roulette? How about you play the same game…but in its miniature form? That's what you'll get when you download's state-of-the-art software and begin playing our popular Mini Roulette!

How Does Mini Roulette Differ from Other Online Roulette Games?

Mini Roulette is very similar to American Roulette and French Roulette. Where it differs, though, is in the number of spaces on the board and wheel, as well as the different odds. Another unique aspect of Mini Roulette is the fact that it is an online-only game that is not available offline in brick-and-mortar casinos.

How to Play Online Mini Roulette

The rules and the way you play online Mini Roulette is essentially the same as with other versions. You'll place your bets and then spin the wheel.

As you can imagine from the name, Mini Roulette is a smaller version of classic roulette. As with regular roulette, your Mini Roulette bets will offer different payout ratios. Because there are fewer numbers (only 13, including 0), your chances of hitting your chosen number is 13 to 1, plus you'll get a 50% payback when the ball lands on the zero space.

Betting options for Mini Roulette include the Mini Roulette Split Bet, the Corner Bet, the Street Bet, Three Bet, Six Bet, Column Bet, Red or Black Bet, and Even or Odd Bet.

Play Online Mini Roulette Now!

Are you ready to increase your chances of getting lucky by playing on a miniature roulette wheel with fewer numbers? Our Mini Roulette game will give you a chance to hone in on your roulette skills, learn a new online roulette variation, win some money, and have a lot of fun! All you need to do now is download's cutting edge software, open a money account, and start placing those bets!