Play European Roulette

Play one of the most popular online roulette games in the world, European Roulette, here at! European Roulette is the classic roulette game—in fact, when most people say they are going to play online roulette, they are usually referring to European Roulette. This classic casino game has been around for centuries—it's time you took part in roulette gaming history.

How Does European Roulette Differ from Classic Roulette?

As mentioned above, European Roulette is the official title of the classic online roulette game. According to most historians, the game of roulette originated in Europe, so when you play the classic game, you are playing the European version.

How to Play Online European Roulette

You'll begin playing each game of European Roulette by selecting your stake. You'll do this by rolling your mouse over the chips. Then you'll place your bets on the number fields that you're feeling lucky about. The more times you click on a particular field, the more the amount of your bet will increase. For example, if you click a number three times, your bet will increase three times.

You will have the option to bet on inside bets (including individual numbers (from 0 to 36), straight-up bets, split bets, square bets, six-number bets, and five-number bets) as well as outside bets (which includes columns, colors, dozens, and even-money bets). Your projected payout will be determined by the type of bet that you place.

Once you've decided on the bets you'd like to make, you'll spin the wheel by clicking on the "Spin" button. Where the little ball lands will determine your payout.

Play Online European Roulette Now!

Gather 'round the table, place those bets, and get that wheel spinning—today could be your lucky day! Make sure you download's world-class software and open a real money account to make the most of your online European Roulette experience. Once you've mastered European Roulette, try our other roulette games, like Premium European Roulette or Mini Roulette.

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