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Are you tired of playing baccarat against a faceless, nameless computer screen? Why not try playing live casino baccarat instead? In live baccarat, you'll still get to play online at your computer, but you'll get to feel like you're at a real casino, playing with a real dealer (or "banker") due to the 24/7 streaming cameras available at our online baccarat tables. The setup couldn't be more ideal for an at-home, real-time baccarat experience!

How Live Online Baccarat Works

To play live online baccarat, you'll make your bets and be dealt your hand just like in regular online baccarat, but instead of being prompted to bet or being dealt by a computerized banker, you'll be dealt by a live baccarat banker from the table at our partner casino. When you "sit" down at one of our online casino baccarat tables, you'll instantly be connected via live video stream to the dealer/banker at the live casino. This way, when you're dealt either a player, banker, or tie hand, you'll be able to see exactly what's going on and exactly whom you are competing against.

As you can imagine, playing online live baccarat makes for a much more exciting online baccarat game. Playing face to face with your banker in real-time makes the game more tangible and realistic. Players unanimously agree that's live baccarat is a winning alternative to other forms of the game.

Play Live Online Baccarat Now!

So what are you waiting for? You already know how much more fun it is to play with a live banker than to play against an automated screen, so why not get started right away? Simply register for a real-money account at, browse our online live baccarat game options, choose a table, and start playing! You can also enjoy our other Live Casino games like Live Roulette, Live Casino Hold'em and Live Blackjack or Casino TV, the latest trend in remote gambling. As in online gambling, players can wager from the comfort of their homes. But the casino games are conducted on TV sets and not through the player’s laptop or home computer. Most of the popular casino games can be played on Live Casino TV and this includes roulette, blackjack and baccarat.