Play Spamalot Scratch Online at Australia

When you play Spamalot Scratch card games you can win a jackpot of up to 10,000x your card value, for a stake as low as $0.01 – all in the comfort of your own home. Available around the clock, every day of the year, this is an easy to learn game that gets you straight into the action whether you’re an experienced player or a complete newbie. Simply match the prize symbol to any other to claim a payday; you have six attempts to win on every card, making this a top choice for all types of player.

There are lots of instant prizes to play for, and when it comes to look and feel and overall design, this is a fun game to play. Closely based on the iconic Monty Python TV show sketches, the well-known characters create a zany atmosphere and add an extra comical dimension to your overall online casino experience.

How to play

The Spamalot Scratch card looks like a parchment scroll and the symbols used consist of characters from the show and items such as the Holy Grail, King Arthur and the knight from None Shall Pass. Start by setting your card value using the + and – buttons, and watch out for the fun animations (such as the knights who say Ni, and the Killer Rabbit) as you prepare to play. Once you have your card value set, scratch off the prize symbol to see what icon you are trying to match and what prize you are playing for – all prizes are in the form of mulitpliers.

Next, scratch off your card to reveal the six hidden symbols and see whether you have won a prize. If any of your six hidden symbols match that of the prize symbol, you will receive the corresponding prize, as shown on the payout table. Our software makes payouts directly to your bankroll, so you can concentrate on playing and having fun. The maximum payout on any single Spamalot Scratch game is 10,000x your original stake.

Money matters

The amount that you set as your card value has a direct impact on the prize payouts when you play Spamalot Scratch. As you increase the card value the prize structure will also increase, but remember: the prize is in the form of a multiplier, so the payout you receive is relative to your stake. Don’t be tempted to bet excessively to try and win more; you enjoy better odds of winning the more you play, so keeping your stakes low and the number of casino games you play high provides the best opportunities for you as a player.

You can also increase your bankroll for extra game stakes by accepting a scratch cards bonus. We have a range of bonuses to suit all players, including a 100% Bonus for new players that awards up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) in total for every player that signs up and plays for real money. You can find details of all our bonuses on our promotions page, or sign up to promotional emails to have relevant offers sent direct to your inbox to help you stay up to date.