Play King Kong Scratch Online at Australia

Whether you love the old movie classic, or the modern version of the film, then you’ll appreciate the look and feel of this game – especially if you’re already a scratch cards fan. Using the iconic monster as its central character, this is an exciting and atmospheric online game, with impressive graphics, quality animations and sound effects, and plenty of special extras that will keep even the most discerning player happy. And best of all, King Kong Scratch offers plenty of chances for you to bag yourself a win.

With its simple rules and straight forward design, King Kong Scratch brings you to the heart the action right away – and if you sign up and play with us at Australia for real money today, you can claim up to $400 in additional funds (plus 200 free spins) with our exclusive 100% Bonus.

How to play & win

To start, decide whether you want to play King Kong Scratch for virtual prizes in Practice mode, or for actual cash via a real money online casino account. You can also opt for downloaded or flash versions of our software; the choice is yours. Simply choose the options that best suit your tastes and preferences, and then you’re ready to play.

Set your card value using the + and – buttons, and get set for some exciting casino games action! You will notice that the payouts change as you alter your card value – the bigger your wager, the bigger the prizes. Bear this in mind when setting your wager, but remember – the prizes are proportional, so make sure you stay within your bankroll at all times. Once your wager is in place, hit the Play button.

You will now see a prize token on the left of your screen; scratch this away to reveal the hidden symbol below. This symbol is integral to the game because you need to uncover another to win a payout. Look at the paytable to see how much your prize symbol is worth – this is how much you’re playing for!

Continue by scratching off the six symbols on the playing card. You can scratch off and reveal one symbol at a time by clicking on the card, or use the Scratch All function to reveal all in one go. For a faster game, you can opt for the AutoPlay feature; with this feature, you preset a specific amount of games at a set card value and watch them play out. AutoPlay can be stopped at any time by pressing the Stop button.

If after you have revealed all the hidden symbols you have managed to match a symbol to the prize symbol, a massive sign will flash at the top of your screen, displaying the payout amount you have won. This money will then be added to your bankroll automatically by our software.

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