Play Classic Slots Scratch Online at Australia

Offering you an exciting and thrilling online casino game with lots of rewards and a unique design, Classic Slots Scratch is one of our special hybrid games – and because of its many benefits, it is fast becoming one of our top favourites. Providing a unique spin on your traditional scratch cards game, you can expect plenty of excitement as you enjoy a unique combination of ripping slots action and fast-paced scratch card fun.

Boasting state of the art graphics, smooth animations, and multiple ways to take home a win, Classic Slots Scratch casino games appeal to all types of player – and with stakes starting nice and low – or even for free in Practice Mode if you wish - it suits every type of pocket too.

Game rules

Classic Slots Scratch uses a typical slot layout with three sets of three reels – which means there are three chances for you to win in total whenever you play. However, as this is a scratch card, you scratch off to reveal the symbols rather than setting the reels into a spin. To begin, select your bet amount for your game by clicking on the + and – buttons, and then press the Play button to reveal the Scratch areas. You will see there are three sets of reels for you to play, and each provides you with a chance to bag a payday.

You will see the area at the bottom of the machine first – and this will reveal the prize that you are playing for. Then the reels will appear, and you can opt to scratch them one at a time (moving from left to right) on your screen by clicking with your mouse, or you can choose to Scratch All – either way, the gold coin will kick into action and do your bidding, revealing the hidden symbols and whether you are eligible for a payout.

If you prefer a faster game, you can choose to use the AutoPlay feature and let the computer play a number of games for you. To do this, specify the number of games you wish to play – up to 50 in total – and set the amount you wish to pay for each card. Our software will then follow your command, while you watch the games play out. You can stop this feature at any time by hitting the Stop button.

How to win

When you play Classic Slots Scratch, you win if you match any three symbols – and the amount won is the amount displayed at the start of your machine. You then move on to the next set of reels and start scratching all over again; your winnings are accumulative and so they are added up as you play and added directly to your bankroll.

For players looking to play for real rewards, you need to sign up a real money account with us at Casino Australia today – and to make your money go even further, there’s an exclusive Bonus waiting for you, with up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) available for every new player.