Play Blackjack Scratch Online at Australia

Our players that recommend Blackjack Scratch like this game because of its simple rules, multiple payouts and unusual and innovative design. Combining two classic games, Blackjack Scratch provides you with an online scratch cards experience like no other. Instead of playing with cards that you scratch off, you play with cards that are dealt by a dealer on a green felt table, just like during a standard online Blackjack game. You then get to scratch off the top layer of the cards to reveal their value – and if you beat the dealer’s cards, you win!

Appealing to all types of player, you can play for free in Practice Mode or for real money, on downloaded software or flash player – when you choose Australia for your casino games, you also gain access to a wide range of exciting online casino bonuses. For instance, we’re currently offering all new players that sign up and play for real money today an exclusive 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus.

How to play

The design and layout of Blackjack Scratch is created especially to mimic a traditional Blackjack table – on screen you will see a dealer, a shoe, three settings for your cards and three chairs. But don’t worry - this is still a scratch card game, and you play alone. There are three chances for you to win every time you select this game.

To begin the game, place your wager by clicking on the + and – buttons until the amount you wish to bet is on show. Then, hit Deal. You will see three hands dealt to you and one to the dealer, with each hand containing one face up card and one hole card.

When all the cards are dealt, you can either scratch each card at a time by clicking on it, or you can use the Scratch All function to reveal what’s hidden underneath each hole card – including the dealer’s. The outcome of the game is decided when all the cards are on show.

How To Win

The aim of Blackjack Scratch mimics that of the traditional game; you have to try and beat the dealer’s hands. This means getting as close to 21 as possible without going bust. When you play this unique scratcher, the cards have the same values as the traditional game, and a natural 21 is still the best possible hand you can hit. However, you do not get further options or games moves such as double down or split, as they are not relevant.

Like any other scratch card, you simply play the values you are dealt; the outcome is based solely on the cards you received from the dealer. For a payout, you need to beat the dealer without going bust. If you manage that, the amount you win depends on your winning hand. Each hand in Blackjack Scratch awards a different payout – clearly shown on the payout table – and any winnings due to you are automatically paid into your bankroll by our software.