Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online at Australia

If you like hybrid games that provide a unique, fun and rewarding online casino experience, then Beetle Bingo Scratch could be the choice for you! A one of a kind game, expect an unusual combination of scratch cards and bingo rolled into one – with a unique ‘nature and numbers’ theme that adds to the thrills. The special design and layout is both impressive and easy to follow, making your overall time playing this special game both enjoyable and hassle free – so you can concentrate on having fun and aiming for a payout. After all, with this game, you have three chances to win!

You can play Beetle Bingo Scratch in the comfort of your own home twenty-four hours a day all year round; play for real money today to take advantage of its massive payouts and you can also boost your bankroll with a casino bonus. To enhance your online entertainment experience and give you the best possible start to playing our quality casino games, new players that sign up and play for real money today at Australia can claim an exclusive 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus.

How to play

When you start to play, you will see a jar of beetles to your left, a scratch card in the centre, and a bingo card to the right of your screen. Start by selecting Beetle Bingo Scratch from the casino lobby, and then set your coin level and hit Play. Hit the Shake button on the jar to mix up the beetles that are trapped inside; these beetles are your unexpected bingo balls, and as they are released they will affect the outcome of your game – and whether or not you win a payout.

Once the beetles have been mixed up, the lid of the jar is removed and you will see a total of 15 beetles released. These well-trained crawlies line up in a tunnel and display their numbers for you to see. Where the numbers on the beetles match those on the card, the card will be highlighted for easy reference. You now play your scratch card, hoping to match the hidden numbers to those on the beetles and your bingo card.

How to Win

You can scratch each section at a time – each section offers a chance to win – by clicking on the leaf. This will reveal each section at a time and whether it has earned you a prize. Alternatively, use the Scratch All feature to reveal all the hidden numbers – and prizes – in one go. You can also use AutoPlay to watch several games (up to 50 in total) play out in a row. If you choose this option, you can hit Stop at any time to end the automatic games.

When you play Beetle Bingo Scratch, you will win a payday if your five numbers in any one section of your card matches any of the 15 beetle numbers that have been drawn. You only need to match one set to take home a payout – and each card offers you three chances to win. If you win on more than one section, your winnings will be accumulated and awarded to your bankroll.