Play Wild Games Online Pokies at Australia

The animal community is abound with pride when they send their very best off to compete in the Wild Games. Creative bonus rounds make this one of the most entertaining online pokies where the animal competitors help you win prizes and maximize bonuses, while you help them win animal Olympic medal.

Five reels and 25 paylines fill the screen of this internet slot machine with symbols including gold, silver and bronze medals, and your animal friends. The Hippo, Cheetah and Bulldog set the exciting bonus features into action, taking you from one competition to the next.

Win Your Medals In The Wild Games

A speedy Cheetah can activate the 100m Dash Bonus and then you can decide which one of the three cheetahs presented will run the sprint for you. If your chosen cheetah is the winner you can win up to eight free spins and a medal, which is accompanied by an expanding wild.

Bulldog competes on your behalf in the Freestyle Swim Bonus. Choose which bulldog will be the best swimmer and you can win a medal, and a maximum of 200 free spins.

The Wild Games Balance Beam Bonus is set in motion by the hippo and just like in the Cheetah’s race, you will need to choose one of three to compete and complete the routine on your behalf. Free spins and multipliers can be won if your chosen hippo is successful. In the Balance Beam Bonus you have the opportunity to win up to eight free spins and an additional 10x multipliers.

Play Wild Games In Real Money Mode

These sporting events are nothing like the real Olympics, because in the Wild Games you get to participate and the medals give you real cash prizes when you wager with real money, and when you are playing with our online casino Australia, you know you are on the right team.

This Australian online casino offers you Wild Games and lots of other fabulous slot machines which you can enjoy in practice mode at no cost for an opportunity to learn before spending real money. Play now and let the online casino games begin!