Play Wanted Dead or Alive Online Pokies at Australia

Hunt your bounty in the Wild West, where the Wanted Dead or Alive online pokies challenges you to track down fierce outlaws and maybe claim a handsome payout as your reward.

This online casino games features five reels and 25 paylines, as well as a whole posse of bad guys waiting to be caught.

An explosive bundle of dynamite acts as the wild card, and can bring in a jackpot of 10,000 coins when lined up in a row of five.

The scatter symbol takes the form of a bag of cash. If you turn up three or more of them on the reels, you’ll get to play a mini bonus game in which you pick a bag of money to win its contents.

Land the pistol bonus symbol on the first and fifth reels, and you'll get to play the big bonus game. Hunt down a wanted criminal to earn some extra coins.

Dollar Ball raises the stakes

If you want to raise the stakes, download our Australian Casino software and play the Dollar Ball game by clicking the Enable button at the top right corner of the screen. Dollar Ball is a progressive jackpot, much lik a lottery – you may know it from casino games like Golden Tour and Alien Hunter.

Match any of your five numbers to any that the computer draws, and you win. Match all five, and you'll grab the whole jackpot. You can switch your numbers or turn off the game at any time.