Play Tropic Reels Online Pokies at Australia

If you dream of vacation in the South Pacific but don’t want to leave your house, Tropic Reels is the online casino answer. With three reels and five paylines, this multi-spin slots game gives you the exhilaration of new experiences in a tropical atmosphere.

As far as Online Pokies go, you’re not going to find a more inviting environment. The reels are set against tropical flora and fauna, with tiki carvings poking out here and there. The sounds of birds and owls accompany your spins. The symbols on the reels of the online slots include multicolour parrots, citrus fruits, flowers and frogs. If you ring up a pineapple, you’re guaranteed prize money. And should you find a wild tiger, you’re in luck. It acts as a stand-in for whatever symbol you need to complete a winning row. A maximum bet and a line of three tigers triggers the Australian Casino jackpot: 2,500 times your line bet.

Playing Multi-Spin pokies

The advantage to online slots that give you more than one spin is the “hold” feature. After your first spin, you can choose to hold any of the symbols that appear. The held symbol will then be locked into place in a column in all three rows. Then you can play your second spin. With Tropic Reels, you have 14 different symbols that can come together in over 20 winning combinations.

Beyond the obvious ways you win in online slots where you need three of a kind to make money, in these multi-spin slots you can also earn by combining the strange mix of parrots and citrus fruit slices. The key to winning big is betting large. However, in the Australian Online Casino, you get to determine how much each of your betting coins is worth, and how many coins you play. The pay table explains how your bets affect your winnings.

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