Play Triple Profits Online Pokies at Australia

Triple Profits, indeed! If you want to make money, you have to invest. But in this game of multi-spin slots, you don’t have to lay down a huge investment. You choose how much each of your coins is worth in the online casino, and then you decide how many of those coins you want to put down per spin.

When you play Triple Profits in our Australian Casino, you deal with three reels and three paylines. This gives you three chances to win big! As with some other Online Pokies, this game features a hold option. So after your first spin, you can opt whether to keep any of the symbols that turn up. If you press hold on any given symbol, it will appear in the top two rows, as well. As the name “multi-spin slots” indicates, you get more than one spin per game. Once you hold your desired symbol, you spin once more.

Piles of Money in the Online Casino

Since the theme of this casino game is money, you know what you’re in for. As the reels spin, they make cash register sounds. Green cash is strewn everywhere in the background. And when you win in the Australian Online Casino, you get the satisfactory sound of coins being dispensed to you.

The symbols on the reels really drive the point home. There are scales, piles of cash, dollar signs, money bags, calculators and weights. If you turn up any of the wild gold bars, they act as jokers do in a card game: They fill in for any symbol you need to make a winning combination in the multi-spin slots. If you score three gold bars in a row, you win the jackpot!

But that’s not all that’s hiding among the reels. Those tempting-looking piles of cash can trigger a bonus game if you rack up three in a row. Check out the pay table to see how much this online casino has to offer. Get ready to spin the wheels!

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