Play The Jazz Club Online Pokies at Australia

Get ready for a night on the town with cool sounds, smooth music and cash prizes. The Jazz Club is one of our five reel, 25 payline online pokies and has the mellow vibe of an underground juke joint. This slot machine is filled with so many groovy symbols you will feel like a real part of the hip music scene.

The symbols include a hip sax player, a stiff drink on the rocks, a treble clef, a cool bassist, a microphone to sing some scat, and more. In The Jazz Club the microphone is the wild symbol which acts in place of any of the other symbols on the board except for the scatter symbol. And in this game the logo is the scatter symbol.

The Bonuses Are As Cool As The Music At The Jazz Club

As a bonus driven game you will have the opportunity to enjoy The Solo Bonus. Each of the band members gets to play a solo and you get rewarded. When three scatter symbols land at once on your screen you will choose one of the musicians and collect the prize awarded with him. For seven free online casino games and a 4x multiplier choose the Pianist. The Trumpeter awards 10 games free and the Bassist comes with 14 free games and a 2x multiplier.

Have A Hot Night At The Jazz Club

After you play the Solo Bonus you will need to play on to see what happens when you get the wild symbol (the microphone). Let’s just say, thing start expanding and the night gets even sultrier in the true style of The Jazz Club.

So if you are ready to feel the heat of the night and groove to the smooth winning vibe of the 39 possible winning combinations, you are ready to step into The Jazz Club. Our online casino Australia offers you this and many other great games right here at the best Australian online casino.