Play Silver Bullet Online Pokies at Australia

Silver Bullet is a game of online pokies that features symbols straight out of the wild west, including horses, horseshoes, wagons, bottles of whiskey and even a Lucky 7. These symbols spin on five reels, and there are nine paylines – giving you plenty of opportunity to score a win.

The wild western online pokies

These online slots work like the others on Australia’s online casino. You choose how much to bet per line, and how many lines you want to bet on – then you spin the reels and see what turns up. As in other games of online slots, to win the jackpot you have to play with real money, but can wager as little as $.02 per line.

There are special symbols in Silver Bullet – for example, a gun is the scatter symbol and the sheriff’s badge is the wild card. If you turn up the two, three, four or five guns, your winnings will be multiplied according to the pay table. If you get the badge, it serves as a stand-in for almost any other symbol you might need to complete a winning combination.

The Dollar Ball

The Dollar Ball is a side game you can play at the same time as Silver Bullet. It’s based around a progressive slots jackpot, so the amount you can win keeps growing. If you’re playing for real money, you pick five numbers and then spin. At the same time, the computer draws five numbers, and you win if yours match – match all five and you win the lot! You can enable or disable the game at any time you like, just as in other Dollar Ball-enabled games like A Night Out and Geisha Story.

If you’re ready to play online casino games, simply download the software from Australia and aim to win!