Play Safecracker Online Pokies at Australia

Play the Safecracker online pokies game and you could bust open a vault filled with bonuses, prizes and a progressive slots jackpot.

Designed to resemble a safe combination, the single payline features symbols like dynamite, drills and crowbars — handy tools for cracking a safe! The important thing is to try and access the dollar bills stored within.

Safecracker online pokies operation

The Safecracker online pokies game begins with players selecting the coin size from the available values between $0.25 and $5.00. In this progressive slots game at Australia there is a different progressive jackpot for each coin size. Next players have to select the number of coins wagered from one to a maximum of three. The buttons for carrying out both these operations are prominently displayed on the online slots screen, but they have been integrated with the theme of safe-cracking. The Safecracker progressive slots game also displays the online casino player’s account balance, the amount wagered and the amount won.

Safecracker online pokies payouts

The line payouts in the Safecracker online slots accrue when like symbols appear on all three reels in the single payline. Players at online casino will love the dollar bills symbol in this progressive slots game. It is the only symbol to offer payouts even if it appears on any one or two of the reels. If three dollar bills symbols appear in the Safecracker online slots game with two coins wagered then the highest fixed jackpot of 4,000 coins accrues. The progressive jackpot is hit when the dollar bills symbol appears in all three reels with three coins wagered.

The Safecracker progressive slots game at online casino also offers a bonus game. Ten safes appear on the screen. Players can keep clicking on the safes and collecting bonuses till they hit one that has a booby trap.

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