Play Rocky Online Online Pokies at Australia

Delivering hard-hitting prizes in champion style, the Rocky online pokies game brings all the character of the Hollywood heavyweight to Australia's online casino.

This five-reel multi-line video slots truly captures the spirit of the popular boxing movies, and even shows you classic clips from the films when you win.

To bag a prize, just line up the symbols. These include familiar faces such as Adrian, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and, of course, the Italian Stallion himself — Rocky! In addition to these well-loved characters, you can also turn up the letters R, O, C, K and Y.

The Rocky symbol serves as a wild card, standing in for any of the regular symbols. Turn up five Rockys, and you win the 10,000-coin jackpot!

In this fist-throwing game of online pokies, the Italian Stallion is the scatter. Hit a minimum of three scatters, and you’ll win free spins — each of which is played with a 2x multiplier and extra wilds. The specifics are explained in the online casino 'info' section.

While you're fighting your way to victory, keep an eye out for the boxing gloves bonus symbol. A white glove on the first reel and a red one on the fifth activate the Knockout Bonus game. You choose an opponent for Rocky to fight in 10 rounds — if the Italian Stallion wins, you win, and if he scores a knockout before round 10, you automatically win all of the rounds!

One more thing — if you spell ROCKY across the reels, you’ll win five times your bet!

Betting on boxing

In this casino game, you can gamble your winnings whenever you get a paying combination. The 'gamble' button gives you the chance to double your money — just decide whether the next card will be black or red, just like you would in Great Blue and Gladiator.

So if you’re ready to get into the ring, download the casino and get ready to rumble!