Play Reel Classic 5 Online Pokies at Australia

If you like classic style and design, you’ll love Reel Classic 5. This game of multi-line slots embodies the classic essence of old-fashioned slot machines, while the symbols on its five reels reflect wealth and prosperity.

This stylish online pokies features five paylines. To win, line up three, four or five of the same symbol along a payline. Symbols include a limousine, bottles of champagne, a top hat, a tea set and the lucky number 5. If you draw five number 5s in a row, you win the 2,000-coin jackpot.

As a player at online casino Australia, you get to set the value of each coin. Select a value from $0.02 to $20 for each coin, and then choose how many you'd like to bet per line. If you want to go straight to the highest option, click 'bet max'. Note that since the game is 'Reel Classic 5', you can’t bet on fewer than five lines. The advantage to betting high is that your winnings are increased. Winnings are paid as a multiple of your bet.

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Reel Classic 5's sound effects are inspired by real casino sounds, and create a great sense of atmosphere. You can even spin by pulling the machine's arm — it’s just good, old-fashioned slots.

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If you’re ready for a classic experience, play Reel Classic 5!