Play Ocean Princess Online Pokies at Australia

Get your scuba gear ready so you can dive down to an underwater palace where an online casino awaits. In the Ocean Princess multi-spin slots, a mermaid gives you three reels and five paylines so that you have maximum winning opportunities. As with any Online Pokies, the goal is to match up similar symbols in order to win. Five paylines mean five chances!

Symbols Befitting an Australian Casino

The princess has left her ocean-friendly mark on the slots, decorating the reels with symbols of seahorses, starfish, crabs, crowns and anchors. Plus, her special turtle friend guarantees a payout anytime he appears. When you get a gold crown, it acts as a wild card, standing in for any symbol you need in order to complete the row. The maximum jackpot in our Australian Online Casino is 1,000 coins.

Playing Multi-Spin pokies

To play, you just need to place your bet and spin the wheels. Choose how much you want each coin to be worth, and how many coins you want to wager. While it’s not the most common feature in online slots, the “hold” feature is a highly useful tool. After your first spin, three symbols appear. You can choose to hold one, two or three of those symbols, and they’ll line up vertically in the four rows above. As Ocean Princess is a game of multi-spin slots, you then get a second spin. Press the button and watch the reels rack up.

A pay table explains all of the various winning combinations and how much each is worth. There are over 20 ways to earn a payout in this online casino. For example, you can win by lining up any three symbols from the same category, like three seahorses or three anchors. If you manage to line up the same category and the same color, the payout grows. Of course, the amount you bet determines the amount you win. So strap on your flippers, grab an oxygen tank and discover what this ocean princess has in store for you!

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