Play Neptune's Kingdom Online Pokies at Australia

Set in an underwater world of magic and mermaids, Neptune's Kingdom online pokies is a truly legendary gaming experience.

This game features mythical creatures that live below the ocean – King Neptune sits beside the reels as you play, a mermaid appears on the reels and a ship sails by in the background.

These multi-line slots feature three-reels and five-paylines, creating a slot-lover’s dream. Not only are these online slots the real deal, you can’t even mix and match symbols. You need to get three in a row of a given symbol in order to win, as is detailed in the pay table above the reels. Line up mermaids, tritons, two separate kinds of fish, lobsters and treasure chests in order to win cash. The only trick in the game is that the treasure chest changes its value depending on where it lands on the reels.

Betting on multi-line pokies

When you play at online casino Australia, you get to pick how much you wager. First, set a value for each coin from $0.01 to $5.00. Then choose how many lines you want to bet on. If you want to put money on all five paylines, you can simply click Bet Max to make your life easier. Otherwise, increase line by line by clicking on Bet One. All that’s left from there is to spin the reels and listen as the waves and bubbles surround you.

If you appreciate the challenge of no-frills types of slots, be sure to give Rock’n’ Roller and Fountain of Youth a spin. The easiest way to try out all of the Australia games is to download the software. You can opt whether you want to play online casino games for fun or for real money. So get ready to dive under the waves and see what Neptune has in store!