Play Little Britain Online Pokies at Australia

Familiar favourites on our TV screens, Matt Lucas' and David Walliams' outrageous cast of characters can now keep you giggling as you bag fantastic prizes on our new Little Britain online pokies

game. Relive your favourite sketches and shout out the well-known catch phrases as you spin for the chance to win big!

Little Britain is a five-reel, 30-payline online slot machine with five laugh-out-loud bonus rounds, each based on a different character from the popular show. When the scatter symbols appear on the first, third or fifth reel, hilarious bonus features are activated.

Bonuses when you play Little Britain

In the Vicky Pollard bonus, you will struggle to keep Vicky occupied and you have the potential to win up to 750 times your original bet.

Featuring Marjorie Dawes, the Fat Fighters bonus requires you to choose from silver trays full of food and cash prizes — let’s just hope Marjorie doesn’t eat the bonuses too!

Dafydd’s Big Gay bonus requires that you try to get him dressed in order to boost your winnings.

Emily Howard’s Lady Things Bonus gives you cash prizes and multipliers as you look around Emily’s room and collect lady-like objects.

Free spins and wilds in Little Britain

There are also many free spin and stacked wilds throughout the Little Britain game. Anne likes to randomly appear after a spin and throw various things, which can change the numbers into wilds. The Little Britain logo is also the wild symbol, which can stand in for any other symbol throughout the game. Australia, the best Australian online casino, brings you Little Britain – a hysterical slots game with great opportunities for playing, winning real money and having fun. Open your account today and start playing right away.