Play John Wayne Online Pokies at Australia

Movie enthusiasts who love films like True Grit, Rio Bravo, and The Alamo, but also enjoy online pokies, will truly love the John Wayne slot game. With countless classic western films under his belt, it’s hardly surprising that this great actor’s own game should have a wild west theme.

This five-reel, 25-payline slots game is full of winning combinations, big bonuses and loads of fun free spins.

Play John Wayne

The format of the John Wayne slot game gives you the chance to spin numerous times and keep some of icons from spin to spin. This is a great addition because it means you can actually build a winning hand, like you do when playing video poker. When you spin and a winning combination appears, those symbols will stay in place, but the reels can continue spinning and thus allow you greater opportunity to win.

One of the more exciting bonuses you can experience is the Duke’s Badge bonus. This bonus is triggered by the appearance of at least three badges in the basic playing feature. When playing the Duke’s Badge Bonus you get to pick from one of the sheriff badges and collect an actual cash prize.

The John Wayne Bonus Features

In the Ranch Bonus, you can take your aim for a tin can-shooting contest, while an additional bonus round lets you collect buffalo coins. When you gather a minimum of five buffalo coins, you have the opportunity to win a maximum of 50 free spins. Combine your bonuses with a spinning streak or a multiplier and you will really be on a roll!

So, mosey on over and try out the John Wayne slot game at our Australian online casino.