Play Highway King Pro Online Pokies at Australia

One big engine, 18 wheels and the open road are what the Highway King Pro online pokies game is all about. If you played the first version of this fantastic online pokies game, you’ll know that you could be in for some massive prizes and great entertainment. This latest edition is bigger and better than ever before, and has proven extremely popular around the globe.

It’s a truckers life

Highway King Pro opens up a host of possibilities when you take to the reels at full-speed to chase down some big payouts at our Australian online casino. The theme is fun and the music has a catchy country twang to it so you really feel like you’re experiencing life on the road like a trucker.

To many of us, life on the road is a tempting adventure that we’ll most likely never get to experience – until now! Let Highway King Pro take you places you’ve never been before and earn riches along the journey.

The symbols include a monster red truck who will pay out generously if you land five of its symbol, as well as a pair of petrol pumps, some more trucks, a tyre, a hat, dice set and other motor-related images.

More reasons to play Highway King Pro

The game’s three special symbols are the wild, the scatter and the bonus symbol. The wild is the adventurous trucker man who may turn up on the second, third and fourth reels to substitute for all regular symbols. The bonus symbol is the chequered flag – it unlocks the Truck Racing Bonus when it shows up anywhere on the first and fifth reels. There you’ll get to pick one of three trucks and race it to see what prizes you’ll win! Race your chosen truck and you could win multipliers for the free games round that will kick off as soon as the race is finished. You can carry on winning free online casino games over and over.

Something else you’ll love about Highway King Pro is that the paylines will pay you out from left to right and from right to left! Visit online casino Australia and hit the road with these monster trucks!