Play Haunted House Online Pokies at Australia

If you’re into horror movies, you’re going to love the Haunted House slots on Australia online casino! Featuring a vampire, this spooky game of multi-line slots features three reels, five paylines and a number of various symbols on the reels that offer you 12 different ways to win!

Speaking of spooky symbols, these online pokies are loaded with them – garlic, knives, a chalice, a cross, a candle and a coffin! Accompanied by creepy music, these are the traditional type of online slots with no tricks or special symbols. However, the value of garlic symbol combinations does change depending on where you line up the pictures. The pay table displayed above the reels shows you all of the ways to win and what they’re worth.

How to bet at Australia

To play multi-line slots, first you need to decide how much to wager. Pick a value for your coin from $.01 to $5. After you’ve done that, decide how many coins to wager per spin by choosing Bet Max or Bet One. While your betting budget is entirely up to you at Australia, keep in mind that your winnings are paid out according to your wager. So the more you bet, the more you can win when you play online slots.

Now that you understand the game, all that’s left to do is download the software. That way, you can play other great online casino games like Bermuda Triangle and Chinese Kitchen, too. So get the casino now, then get ready to spin the reels!

If you want to play for cash, be sure to register for a real money account!p>