Play Goblin's Cave Online Pokies at Australia

Goblins are known for hoarding their gold, but there are some goblins who give you a chance to win their riches. In the Goblin’s Cave multi-spin slots, you have three paylines – which means three chances – each time you play. Many Online Pokies only give you one payline per game. But apparently, from atop his pile of riches, this goblin is able to be the generous type.

In fact, the goblin is so generous that he throws a wild ruby into the mix; it acts like the joker in a card game, standing for any symbol you need it to. Plus, in our Australian Online Casino, the goblin offers a bonus game to players who manage to line up three lamps in a row. This online casino bonus game lets you pick one of the treasure chests in the vault and keep its contents.

You Choose Your Bets in the Australian Casino

To play the Goblin’s Cave multi-spin slots, all you have to do is decide how much you want to wager. Then you place your bet, from one to the maximum. If you choose the maximum bet in the online casino, the goblin spins for you automatically. Any bet lower than the maximum requires you to give the goblin the go-ahead for the online slots to start. Upon your say-so, the goblin cranks the wheels. His first crank turns up three symbols in the bottom row. Because you’re playing multi-spin slots, you can choose to hold any of the symbols that first turn up. The ones you hold ring up in the two rows above. Then when you tell the goblin to spin again, the remaining reels turn.

Winning in Online pokies

To win Goblin’s Cave in our Australian Casino, you just need to line up matching categories or exact symbols from among 10 different crowns, jugs, rings and coins. The pay table tells you exactly how much each of the 17 winning combinations is worth. So go ahead: Venture into the Goblin’s Cave, make him crank the wheel and see what you win!

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