Play Geisha Story Online Pokies at Australia

If tales of Japanese traditions hold your fancy, you will find the Geisha Story online pokies irresistable. The game is surrounded by Japanese cherry blossoms, and the sound effects evoke an Eastern sensibility. When you score a win, the symbols on the reels come to life.

Symbols adorn the five reels and 15 paylines of the game. There’s a fan, a delicate tea set, wooden shoes, koi fish, bonsai, a parasol, cherry blossoms and a rising sun. Plus, as with some other online casino games, Geisha Story offers a wild symbol – in this case in the form of a young man. There is also a scatter symbol, represented by an elderly man. If you hit as few as three scatters on the reels, your total bet is multiplied according to the pay table.

In our online casino, an online slots bonus game is offered, too. If you score a geisha on the first and fifth reels, the game is triggered. You then get to choose from among decorative fans to reveal bonus spins and a multiplier.

Dollar Ball

Geisha Story bears the distinction of being the only 15-payline game in the online casino that lets you play Dollar Ball at the same time. Other online slots, like Lotto Madness and Highway Kings, have different numbers of paylines.

The Dollar Ball is a progressive jackpot game in which you pick five numbers between 1 and 49. If any of them are picked by the computer too, you win a percentage of the jackpot. If all five match, you win the whole thing. To play, just enable the game in the top right corner. You can switch your numbers or disable the Dollar Ball at any time.

To get started with Geisha Story, just download the software from Australian, place your bets and start spinning!