Play Fountain of Youth Online Pokies at Australia

Land casinos can be noisy, busy places, but Australia online casino offers you a tranquil experience when you play the Fountain of Youth online pokies.

Your spin starts with the stroke of a harp. Butterflies flit around in the background, a fountain bubbles over and, when you hit a winning combination, a little star appears next to the symbols you lined up.

These symbols include a flower, a frog, a bluebird, a butterfly and, of course, the fountain itself. Like many before you, you are searching for the Fountain of Youth — only you’re looking for it in online slots. If you line up three fountains on the third payline, you win the 800-coin jackpot.

How to play

Begin by choosing the value of your coins – you can select amounts between $0.01 and $5.00. Next, decide how many lines you wish to bet on per spin – choose Bet Max to wager on all three, or Bet One to wager on one or two. Finally, spin the reels and see what happens!

There are eight different ways to win in these multi-line slots! The pay table above the reels explains the various winning combinations and what they’re worth. Remember that the more you bet, the more your winnings will add up to.

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Download the software now and see whether the Fountain of Youth really holds magical powers!