Play Fishing With Buddies Online Pokies at Australia

Hang with your pals while you're playing the Fishing With Buddies online pokies! Enjoy social interaction with the game that makes online pokies a team sport.

Fishing With Buddies is an exciting and involving multi-player slots game. Have a virtual get-together with four of your friends at the fishing pond! Each of the players must choose a bear avatar, and can have a laugh together in the chat window.

Playing Fishing With Buddies

Fishing with Buddies is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot that's all about speed. The faster you spin the reels, the more chance you have of catching the fish at the bottom of the pond. Slow down and you risk having your bear doze off and miss out on the catch of the day at online casino Australia.

Reel in the biggest catch when you go Fishing With Buddies

On your screen, you’ll see a couple of different things going on — you pokies game, and smaller versions of your buddies' screens.

At the top is the fishing game, in which all five bears are sitting at a pond, waiting to see who will reel in the biggest catch. The faster you spin those pokies reels, the deeper into the pond your fishing reel will go, and the bigger the fish you'll catch. Each bear can catch a maximum of 3 fish.

The bigger the fish, the bigger the cash prize from this bonus round.

Catch the fish and you’ll qualify for the second part of this bonus round, in which you can release your catch for some more prizes.

There is one more fun bonus feature called Fish a Crab — a crab will surprise you and, if you manage to reel him in, you win again!

All in all, Fishing With Buddies is a fantastic pokies version because it has a social element combined with the potential to win big! Try it today at our Australian online casino.