Play Dolphin Cash Online Pokies at Australia

Dolphin Cash is a five-reel, 30-payline online pokies game that will have you splashing for joy as you try and bag massive payouts and prizes. Alive with beautiful fish and rising bubbles, this game creates a peaceful ocean environment in which to test your skills.

Dolphin Cash special rewards

The majestic dolphin is the game's shifting wild symbol, providing the opportunity to get five wilds in consecutive spins. This playful creature substitutes for all symbols except for the bonuses and scatters.

Represented by gold coins, scatters can win you 12 free online casino games when you reveal at least three.

A fun bonus round is unlocked when the bonus symbol lands anywhere on the first and fifth reels simultaneously. Steering the porpoise across the water, you need to make her leap into the air and catch coins to earn fantastic prizes!

If all this isn’t enough, the XtraWin feature can be activated to add an extra 50% of your wager in each spin to your total. From then on, each time you land a wild on the fifth reel, you’ll get another shifting wild!

Dolphin Cash at Australia

Get a taste for underwater adventure with Dolphin Cash at our online casino. You'll see beautiful coral formations, exquisite sea shells, cheeky seagulls and other coastal characters. Come make a splash with Dolphin Cash!