Play Diamond Valley Online Pokies at Australia

Recreating the wild excitement of the old West, the Diamond Valley online pokies game lets you strike it rich in a rootin', tootin' mining town.

Play Diamond Valley Pokies Online

Featuring symbols like diamonds, gems and a dollar sign with arrows, this online pokies also includes a bonus feature with cowboys and Native Americans.

Diamond Valley online pokies payouts

The line payouts in Diamond Valley online slots game accrue when three or more matching symbols appear from left to right on active paylines. In the case of some of the higher paying symbols, even two like symbols aligned from left to right payout.

The highest fixed jackpot payouts in this progressive slots game is 5,000 coins. The line payouts are converted to credits by multiplying by the line bet. Most online casino players wager on Diamond Valley for its progressive jackpot. This is hit when five diamond mountain symbols appear on the fifth payline.

The scatter is a red ruby symbol in the Diamond Valley online slots game, and it pays when three or more appear scattered on the reels. These payouts in coins are converted to credits by multiplying by the total bet.

Players at online casino will love the Rescue Bonus feature in this progressive slots game. Players have to decide whether to rescue the Native American, Cowboy or Lady, and will receive bonus credits for their effort.

Diamond Valley online pokies operation

The Diamond Valley progressive jackpot slots game at online casino has a fixed line bet of $1 and a maximum total bet of $5 depending on the number of paylines activated. The online slots game provides a Bet One button for activating paylines. All five paylines in the progressive jackpots slots game can be activated using the Bet Max button. After the number of paylines has been selected players can click on the Spin button provided in the online slots game to set the reels in motion. online casino players can check out the payouts and rules by clicking the Paytable button.

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