Play Chinese Kitchen Online Pokies at Australia

While the food items featured in Chinese Kitchen may seem unsual, they’re perfectly at home in traditional Chinese cooking – which is why you’ll find them in this online pokies game.

These multi-line slots are also fairly traditional – aside from the nine one-symbol reels, this game fits the classic profile of slots. There are no wilds, bonuses or scatters – which makes winning a straightforward affair. However, the graphics are crisp and colourful, and the sound effects are always fun and engaging.

You have eight paylines with which to make combinations three matching symbols. The symbols spinning on the reels include crabs, turtles, frogs, starfish and other traditional ingedients. Next to the reels, you can see the chefs busy at their steaming pots. The highest jackpot of 1,000 coins is won by aligning three turtles in a row.

Betting on multi-Line pokies

The value of your coins is up to you. Like in many other online casino Australia games of multi-line slots, you can set a value from $0.02 to $20.00 per coin, with the maximum coins allowed per line at three. The advantage to setting a higher value per coin and betting more per line is that your winnings could be higher – but the choice is entirely up to you.

If you like the no-frills, classic type of online slots, but you don’t like the plain old fruit theme, try Reel Classic 5 and Rock’n’ Roller. Both offer straightforward slots with a fun topic. The best way to play the Australia online casino games is by downloading the software. So what are you waiting for? Delicious Chinese food awaits!