Play Bermuda Triangle Online Pokies at Australia

As well as evoking the mystery and legend of the famous Bermuda Triangle, this exciting online pokies could pay out a lot of cash. Australia’s online casino lets you experience the Bermuda Triangle and its inhabitants, including ships, planes, octopi and dolphins. Align these symbols in the correct way and you could really win big!

This multi-line slots game features three reels and five paylines which, together with the various symbols, give you 11 different ways to win. Your potential payout corresponds to how much you bet. Begin by choosing the value of your coins and how many you wish to bet per spin, and then start playing. You can change your wager by selecting Bet Max or Bet One.

Playing multi-line slots

A payout schedule is displayed above the reels, and you can see that the sailboat is worth different amounts depending on where it lands on the reels. Mix and match the plane, ship, shark, dolphin and octopi to make winning combinations. These elements aside, there are no bonuses, wilds or other features, just as in thr Haunted House and Reel Classic 5 multi-line slots games.

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