Play Blackjack Super 21 Online at Australia

A fascinating variation of online blackjack is Blackjack Super 21 that is available at our leading online casino The game is generally the same like a standard game of blackjack, but with one notable difference when it comes to the situation of holding a blackjack hand. In a regular hand if both you and the dealer hold a blackjack hand the Push option comes into play. However in Blackjack Super 21 in this situation you have a chance to beat the house. Try out this and other fantastic online casino games now.

Some of the Different Rules of Blackjack Super 21

  • A blackjack of 5 cards or more is an automatic winner even if the dealer has a blackjack hand.
  • A blackjack hand of 5 cards or more gives you higher returns – double actually – than what you get in the regular game.
  • A Six-Card Charlie hand – a hand of 6 cards that add up to 20 – is an automatic winner regardless of the dealer’s hand.
  • An Ace of diamonds and a diamond 10 or face card gives you a 2:1 payout.
  • You can split a hand up to 4 times unlike in other blackjack games where you split a maximum of 2 times.
  • You can double down on the original wager whenever you want. This does not depend on the number of cards you are holding.

The interface is fantastic in Blackjack Super 21 and comes with excellent graphics and animations. The dealer’s shoe is at the top right of the screen, while the slot for keeping used cards is at the top left. The chips are piled neatly into stacks on a rack between these two. The Color option at the top left allows you to change the color of the table; you can choose from 9 different colors. To make placing bets easy for you, the chips are arranged linearly on the table edge at the bottom of the screen.

Playing Blackjack Super 21 at Australia

You have to place your bets before you can play Blackjack Super 21 at Australia. Click on the chip you want to use and then click on the Place Your Bet area of the table to place your wager. You can play a maximum of 5 hands at a time.

You can change your wager at this point by clicking the Clear Bets button. Once your wagers are in place, click Deal to get started. Your cards are dealt face up; you get the number of hands you have bet on. The dealer’s second card is dealt face down. Depending on your hand and what you see in the dealer’s open card you can choose to Hit, Stand or Surrender.

Once you have completed one of the following actions, the dealer’s face down card is turned. Depending on the total value of the 2 cards, the dealer may ask for another card. Whoever has the hand closest to or equal to 21 wins the round.

So go on, use the 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus we offer to play this fascinating game of blackjack.