Play Wheel of Light Arcade Games Online at Australia

An exciting, fixed odds Roulette-style game from Playtech, Wheel of Light offers you lots of betting options and plenty of payouts – all in the comfort of your own home. Available around the clock, these arcade games are fun, thrilling and rewarding, and offer hours of entertainment whenever and wherever it suits you.

Played using a 31-slot wheel, your aim is to predict correctly which number the wheel will land on. You can also bet on colours (up to four), number spreads and multiple numbers, and make a number of bets to increase your spread and your chances of winning. And for even more fun, new players can currently claim a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus when they sign up and play for real money today!

Your betting options & payouts

Wheel of Light offers you a number of betting options. These are a selection of the bets that you can make when you play this exciting game at our online casino, as well as the corresponding payouts you will earn if you predict the outcome correctly.

  • Bet on one number for a 30:1 payout
  • Bet on the red zone (numbers 27-30) for a payout of 7:1
  • Bet on the green zone (numbers 22-26) for a payout of 6:1
  • Bet on the blue zone (numbers 1-7) for a payout of 4:1
  • The orange zone covers the numbers from 8-21 and pays out at 2:1
  • Bet on the spread 1-5 for a 6:1 payout
  • Bet on the spread 6-13 for a 3:1 payout
  • Bet on the spread 14-16 for a 10:1 payout
  • Bet on the spread 17-23 or 24-30 for a 4:1 payout
  • If you bet Hi (16-30) or Lo (1-15) you will win 2:1 if your bet comes off
  • If you bet Odd or Even you will win 2:1 if your bet comes off

As standard when you play casino games, you’ll find that the higher the payout, the more difficult the bet is to win. Bear this in mind when you’re making your selection – and choose carefully to make sure your bets match your bankroll.

How to play

Based around a colourful illuminated wheel of 31 numbers – 1-30 and a single zero - Wheel of Light is similar to online Roulette but with a slightly different feel. Instead of the ball landing in a numbered slot, a light travels around the wheel and the outcome is decided where the lights stops. But the similar look and feel means it’s an easy game to pick up and play, getting you straight at the heart of the action.

Start by selecting your chip amount, and then select your bets. Once you are ready, hit Spin and watch as the wheel turns. Lights illuminate the wheel instead of a ball bearing travelling around it, and when the light stops, this decides the outcome of the game.

If the final number matches any of your bets, then you win the corresponding payout. Otherwise, the game ends and you walk away without a payout. To continue, follow the same sequence again or click Rebet to mirror your last actions and set the wheel in motion again.