Play Virtual Horses arcade game at Australia

Virtual Horses is a horseracing simulator that’s easy to learn, fun to play and offers lots of great winning opportunities. With fixed odds and 72 possible bets per race, expect lots of choice and plenty of thrills as you enjoy a realistic-style race in the comfort of your own home. Available at our online casino 24 hours a day, every day of the week, Virtual Horses offers you fun and entertainment when it suits you.

Getting Started: Virtual Horses

When you start the game, it may look complicated but once you get used to the layout, it’s pretty straightforward. The top third of the screen shows the list of horses and their odds of winning or finishing in the top three. The bottom of the screen shows a wide range of bets; hover over each for more information. The more complicated the combination, the bigger the payout. Start by selecting your chip size at the bottom of the screen before deciding which of the 72 bets available you’d like to place. You can place one or more bets, so long as your selections do not exceed the maximum possible payout for a single game. To place your bet, click on the horse name, the odds or the forecast option of your choice, then click Play to set the race in motion. As well as the action, you’ll get to hear some in-race commentary.

Special Features & Bets on Virtual Horses

A Win bet on Virtual Horses pays out if your horse wins the race. A place bet pays out if your horse is placed in the first three over the finishing line. A forecast bet is a prediction on first and second place; you win if you get the horses and winning order correct. Players that sign up to play real money arcade games, such as Virtual Horses, can claim a $400 (plus 200 free spins) Welcome Bonus for a bankroll boost. For online casino games players looking for some extra fast action, the Turbo mode eliminates the footage of the actual race and takes you straight to the results. You can also make use of the Auto Bet option for faster gaming; this enables you to set your bets for up to 10 races in a row. To use Auto Bet, make your selections, then hit Auto Bet and set the number of races; your numbers are placed on the saddlecloth rather than the horse names, as horses change for each race.