Play Spin a Win Arcade Games Online at Australia

This straightforward wheel-based prediction game offers heaps of fun and plenty of rewards; it’s great for players who enjoy online Roulette or Wheel of Fortune, but suits all types of player. One of our most popular online arcade games, there are no complicated rules to learn, but lots of exciting betting options that are simple to pick up. This is an easy game to figure out but heaps of fun too, so you can start playing – and winning real money – right away.

When you play Spin a Win, your role is to predict the outcome of the next wheel spin – guessing, for instance, the colour of the number and whether it will be odd or even in nature. Guess correctly and you’ll be claiming a payday – it’s that simple.

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How to Play

Spin a Win is similar to Roulette, but there are only 24 numbers on the wheel in total - and no zero. The wheel spins when commanded, but instead of a ball bearing, there is a counter that shows the number that completes the game. There are five different colours on the wheel, and these can be bet on when you play; the colours are not evenly spread and the payout awarded for each colour reflects this.

To start, set your coin level using the + and – buttons. Next, make your predictions by clicking on the bet of choice. Most bets are made by clicking on the outer area surrounding the colourful wheel, but the inner circle of the wheel also has four bets available to you; even, odd, higher and lower. If your prediction is correct, your winning bet will be announced on screen, along with your payout, and you will be automatically paid out to your bankroll.

Your bets

Multiple bets for different betting areas can be placed, and your Total Bet Amount is shown at the bottom of the screen. When you place your bets, all the numbers covered by your various bets are highlighted on the wheel to help you keep track of your choices.

You can choose to bet on the following options when you play Spin a Win casino games:

  1. Bet on whether the next number will be higher or lower
  2. Bet on whether it will be an even or an odd number
  3. Make a wager on the colour of the final number; blue has 5 numbers, brown has 7 numbers, green has 6 numbers, yellow has 4 numbers, and red has 2 numbers only
  4. Place your money on groups of eight numbers; these groups of numbers are set and you can choose from 1-8, 9-16, and 17-24

You can also choose to bet on a single number from 1 to 24, or you can try and predict what the last digit of the number will be (similar to bets in French Roulette). With this many bets available, Spin a Win is an interesting, exciting and unique choice of game.