Play Rubik's Riches Arcade Games Online at Australia

For all those traditional games lovers out there, we bring you exciting Rubik's Riches; a unique slot machine that has spinning coloured cubes instead of reels and plenty of payouts. An exciting addition to our long list of arcade games, this is an excellent choice for the discerning online casino player looking for something a little different.

Modelled on the 80s Rubik’s Cube phenomenon, this game delivers on many levels; from its state of the art graphics and animations and unique concept, to its exciting multiple payouts and bonus round – and if you sign up and play Rubik's Riches casino games for real money at today, you’ll also be eligible for a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus!

How to Play & payouts

Start playing Rubik's Riches by setting your coin amount. You set your wager by pressing the + and – buttons until they reach your desired amount. Hit Spin and watch the multi-coloured cube in the centre of your screen start to spin. The colours will eventually settle on the two highlighted faces, and if you hit any of the required winning combinations, you will win a payout.

Rubik's Riches offers three types of payout; a straight horizontal or vertical line, a face payout (when all lines on that face show the same colour), and free spins via a bonus game that can be retriggered. Coloured faces pay out well, with 5x, 20x, or 1000x your stake up for grabs. The jackpot payout is if you manage to hit 18 lines of the same colour; that means ending the game with two faces of the same colour.

While you play, you can view your Line Payouts to the left of your screen, and your Face Payouts in the top right of your screen. You can also view your Freeplays and the amount you have won during your free spins. Auto Play option gives you the chance to play multiple games in a row without having to set your stake value each time, and the Turbo option offers you a speedier game without the animations.

Special features & bonus game

During each game that you play, between 0 and 6 of the letters of the word Rubik’s in the logo will light up. If you manage to light the six letters that spell out Rubik’s at the top of the screen, then you enter into an exciting bonus game. Peel off a sticker of your choice – just like we used to when cheating at the original game back in the day! - and you will see a prize hidden below. Your prize can be in the form of free spins or extra cubes – and you can continue peeling until the word Start hidden under a sticker.

When you find ‘Start’, up to nine cubes will spin on the screen, giving you 9x the chances to win. The cubes spin automatically and will continue to do so until the number of free spins you accumulated have played out. If you light up the Rubik's letters a second time your bonus round will start again.