Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Games Online at Australia

This two-dice game is easy to play, simple to learn, and offers plenty of entertainment if you like your casino games to get straight to the action. Your role as a player is to predict the outcome of the next dice roll, and if you guess correctly, you start your way up a payout ladder.

Once you hit a payout, you can either collect your winnings or try to scale the ladder to reach higher levels and claim an even bigger win. The choice is yours – but there’s big money at stake if you dare to brave it and take a chance. Payouts vary according to how many predictions in a row you get right, as part of an exciting Collect or Keep Playing feature.

As an added extra, all new players who sign up and play for real money at our online casino today are also eligible for a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus.

How to Play

Set your coin amount using the + and – buttons, and then hit Play. The dice will roll and once they stop, the two numbers showing on the top face of the dice will be added to form the game total. Your role is to now predict whether the next two-dice roll will be of a higher or lower value.

If the initial roll totals six or less, your choices will be to bet on either (1) the last number or less, and (2) more than the last number. If the roll totals seven, then your choice will be to bet on either (1) seven or less, and (2) seven or more. If the initial roll total was eight or more, you can choose to bet either (1) the last number or more, or (2) less than the last number.

Make your selection and hit Play. If you’re right, you’ll start on the ladder towards payment. You can learn more about how the payouts work in the section below.

Payouts & special features

On the right of your screen, you can see a ladder. This ladder shows four different positions where you can collect a payment. Each time you predict correctly, you will move up a square on the ladder; to reach the minimum payout, you have to make four correct bets in a row.

When you hit that first payout, you can choose to Collect your winnings, or you can brave the ladder and aim for a bigger payout – but be careful; one wrong prediction and you lose, walking away without any payout. To try for more money, click Keep Playing and if you make two more correct predictions, you’ll hit the next payout.

The game of Rollercoaster Dice continues until you reach a point where you choose to Collect your winnings, or you make it to the final rung at the top of the ladder and snag the biggest payout, or you lose the game by failing to predict the outcome. In any of these situations, you continue by starting a new game.

Another exciting feature when you play Rollercoaster Dice arcade games is that two totals of 7 in a row always pays out to the player – so watch out for this nifty combination.