Play Pinball Roulette Arcade Games Online at Australia

Probably one of the most original and thrilling games we have on our casino games list, Pinball Roulette – as you probably guessed form the name – is an interesting combination of Roulette and the classic pinball game. A unique fusion of two fun and exciting games, you can now play a combination of the two for the chance to win real money.

The aim of Pinball Roulette is to predict where the ball will land in the roulette strip that slides across the bottom of the screen once it’s stopped pinging around the pinball machine. It’s fast, fun and a little different, and offers a range of bets and payouts. So whether you’re a fan of online casino favourites or arcade games, this game offers plenty of entertainment as well as rewards and appeals to a variety of tastes.

The software

The screen comprises of a standard Roulette betting table when you start your game. This is where you place your bets – multiple bets if you wish – and then hit Play to set the game in motion. Once the game begins, the screen will split into two parts – the pinball and the betting table – and then it will focus solely on the pinball so you can watch the game play out. As the ball bounces around the pinball, hitting off the pins, the roulette numbers – from 1 to 36 in alternate black and red colours as well as a single green zero – will slide across the bottom of your screen. Once the ball drops, it will settle into one of the numbered slots, and this will determine the outcome of the game.

The bets you can place

Similar to the original Roulette game, you can place a number of bets when you play Pinball Roulette. These include a straight bet on a single number, a split bet across two numbers, a street bet that covers three numbers, a square bet on four numbers and a column bet.

You can also bet on whether the number the ball lands on will be odd or even, black or red – and these pay out at even money if you win. There are many bets available, and the harder the bet, the higher the payout you receive if you win. So before you play, it pays to check out the paytable to know your bets and the amount you will be paid so you can make a more informed choice.

How to Play

Start by selecting your Pinball Roulette bet amount (from $0.01) and then indicate where you would like to place your wager by clicking on the corresponding section of the betting table. As you move around the table, you will see numbers highlight very clearly; these show you which numbers are covered if you place your chip on that particular bet, to help you place your bet correctly.

Next, decide whether you want to use Turbo Mode for a faster game without the animation showing, or in regular mode via hitting Play. You can also opt for the Auto Play feature, playing 1, 2, 5 or 10 games in a row using the same bets and wager. If you choose this option, any winnings due to you will be accumulated and automatically added to your bankroll. You can also choose to use the Repeat Bet function when you start a new game.