Play Penalty Shootout Arcade Games Online at Australia

If you’re looking for fast action and fun sports-themed arcade games, then Penalty Shootout could be the right choice for you. Played for real money, you’re the striker the team is counting on and your aim is to correctly choose the direction in which to kick the ball and score a penalty. It’s you versus the goalkeeper in this exciting heads-up game, and with real money rewards for the winner, you can enjoy twice the fun.

How to play

Start by selecting your stake by clicking on the + and – buttons on your screen. Continue on by clicking on one of the red arrows to show where you would like to aim your kick; you have five different options to choose from and each has a different difficulty level, just like in the real game. The direction arrow will turn yellow to show which direction you have decided to bet on, so it’s easy to know when your bet has been successfully placed.

When you are ready, hit the Kick button and watch as your on-screen character fires the ball at the net and the goalkeeper dives to save it. If he manages to save, you lose the game but if he misses, you will receive a payout. The payout you receive depends on which direction you decided to kick the ball; all payouts are highlighted on your screen and paid automatically to your bankroll by our software.

You are also provided with extra information as you play; the right side of your screen displays your game history, with the results of up to ten games displayed. The details conveyed include your choice of direction and the outcome – whether the game ended with a Goal or a Save. Once the game has been decided, you can instigate a new game and start over afresh by hitting the Continue button that pops up on your screen.

Your bets & payouts

Just as you would expect from one of our quality casino games, you have a few options to choose from when making your bet in Penalty Shootout. There are five options in total, each with their own payout if you manage to score a goal. Due to the nature of the game, you can only make one choice – so make sure you choose wisely!

Opt for the lower left or right corners of the goal to win 3X your bet if you succeed in getting the ball past the goalie, or choose the upper left or right corners of the goal to win 12X your bet. Alternatively, you can opt for the centre of the goal for the chance to win 5X your stake. As a general rule, the lower the payout, the easier it is for you to score using that feature – but the multiple choices and corresponding payouts make this a fun game for all types of player.

As an added incentive when you choose to sign up and play Penalty Shootout games at our online casino, all new players are eligible for a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus today.