Play Mini Roulette Arcade Games Online at Australia

If you like playing online Roulette, but you’re looking for a game that offers something a little different, then try our Mini Roulette arcade games – played for real money, they offer a number of rewards in a condensed version of this online casino games classic.

Using the same type of wheel, but with 1-12 and a single zero instead of the usual 0-36 numbers, Mini Roulette is specially designed to be played online. This means it boasts state of the art graphics and smooth animations, as well as crystal clear sound effects and fully responsive games buttons. These features combine to provide you with a game that is fun, fast-paced and exciting – and if you want to enhance your experience even further. There’s a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus up for grabs for each and every new player.

Game Rules & How to Play

To play, start by setting your bet amount. To do this, select a chip and place it on the betting table. Each click will add one more chip – and if you make a mistake, you can click on the chip that you’ve placed on the table to remove it. Alternatively, hit the Clear All button and start again.

Your betting options are varied when you play Mini Roulette, despite the fewer numbers available. To place your bets, click on your bet of choice on the Roulette table; you can place one or multiple bets – the choice is yours. Placing multiple bets increases your spread and gives you more opportunity to hit a payday, but remember, each bet will cost you, so weigh up the opportunities with your bank balance to help you make the right choices.

When you have all your bets in place, click Spin and watch to see where the wheel settles. The game ends when the ball stops in one of the wheel slots, determining the outcome of the game and whether you will receive a payout. All winning bets are highlighted on the screen, and payouts due to you are paid directly to your bankroll.

Winning & Payouts

The payouts to play for vary widely, from even money to 11:1. As a general rule, the easier the bet is to hit, the lower the payout. If a bet has lower odds of winning, it is rewarded with a higher payout. This is worth bearing in mind when you choose which bets to place when you start your game. The bets pay out as follows:

Straight Up: a bet on a single number that pays out at 11-1

Split Bet: a bet on two numbers that pays at 5:1

Street Bet: a bet on three numbers in a row that pays 3:1

Corner Bet: A bet on four numbers – place your chip on the inside corner of the four numbers to indicate your choice – that pays 3:1

Column Bet: a bet on a column of numbers that pays players at 2:1

Half Dozen Bet: a bet on six numbers – 1-6, 4-9, or 7-12, and this pays even money if you win

Red/Black: a bet on the colour that pays even money

Even/Odd: a bet on whether the number will be odd or even, that pays even money

Note: if the ball lands on zero, half of all your bets on other numbers will be returned to you automatically.