Play Jackpot Darts Arcade Games Online at Australia

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How to play

Based on a traditional board, the online Jackpot Darts layout is easy to follow – you will recognise its sections and markings, making this a great choice for players that want to try something new but get straight to the heart of the action. The board has a single ring, a double ring, and a treble ring, with each attached to numbers that are displayed on the board’s outer edge. Then there is an outer bull that’s worth 25 points to the player, and the infamous Bullseye that’s worth 50 points.

Your role is to predict the outcome of a three-dart throw whenever you play. You can view a menu that shows the various bets in the upper right of your screen; this displays the bets you can make, as well as the amount they pay out if you win. The odds of you winning (and taking home that payday) shows when you hover your cursor over each option.

Start by stipulating your wager amount; simply click on the chips in the lower right area of your screen to make your selection, and then choose the bet that you want to place. You can place multiple bets if you wish, up to a maximum of five in total, and you hit the Confirm button when all of your choices are in place. To help you, your wager total is displayed in the Total Bet box – when you’re ready, hit Throw to play the game.

Bets You Can Place

The following list outlines the different bets you can make when you play Jackpot Darts:

Singles: Place a bet that the darts will land on your choice of 1, 2 or 3 singles areas.

Doubles: Place a bet on how many of the three darts will land in the double sections on the outside ring on the board.

Treble: As above, only this is a bet on how many darts will land in the treble sections in the inner ring.

Outer Bull: This is a wager on your darts hitting the outer section that encircles the Bullseye.

Inner Bull: Bet that your darts will land in the Bullseye; a difficult bet to hit but one of the most rewarding.

Low, medium, high: This is a guess at the sum of the three darts, within a specified range.

Progressive Jackpot: this is an extra side bet and is awarded if you make the extra side bet and all three darts hit the Bullseye. You receive a 20x payout if one dart hits, a 2000x payout if two darts hit, and the jackpot amount showing at the time of winning if all three hit.