Play Hold 'em Showdown Arcade Games Online at Australia

An intriguing and thrilling poker-based game, Hold 'em Showdown gives you the chance to play heads up against the dealer, and walk away a winner, even if you lose the hand! The dealer needs to get a minimum of a pair of 4s to qualify – and then you decide on whose hand you’re going to bet your money on.

Fast paced and fun, this game offers a range of stakes per game so it’s suitable for all types of player – from the complete newbie to high rollers. As an added extra, all new players that sign up to play our real money arcade games today are eligible for an exclusive 100% Bonus up to a maximum amount of $400 (plus 200 free spins).

How to Play

When you play Hold 'em Showdown casino games, you start by setting your ante bet amount, as well as your optional AA bet. The AA bet is a wager on a pair of Aces in the game. When all your bets are in place, both you and the dealer receive two cards, and you then go head to head.

When you have viewed your two hole cards, you can choose to fold – which means losing your ante bet and possible ‘AA’ bet – or to call the dealer. If you call, five community cards are dealt, and your aim is to make the best possible hand you can using the community cards.

When the game is over, both hands are compared and the outcome assessed based on standard poker hand hierarchy. If you win, your payout is awarded directly to your bankroll by our software.

Winning and payouts

When you go head to head with the dealer, there are a few possible outcomes, each with its own fixed payout. These are as follows:

Dealer fails to qualify: this means that he does not have the necessary minimum qualifying hand containing a pair of 4’s, so you automatically win and receive your payout.

Dealer qualifies, but you have a stronger hand: This means you enjoy a payout that doubles your ante bet.

Dealer qualifies with strongest hand: this means that his hand beats yours, so you lose your ante bet.

AA bet wins: your AA bet is a winner if you make a pair of Aces in your hand, with 7x and 25x multipliers as possible payouts. You can win this bet, even if you lose against the dealer as described above.

Game Strategy and Tips

These are some tips that may help you improve your overall game when you play Hold 'em Showdown:

Balance Your Bankroll: Make sure you keep your coin level low to match your bankroll and keep it healthy, and decide how much you want your maximum spend to be before you start playing. This keeps your game fun and entertaining.

Plan Your Winnings: before you play, make a pact with your winnings – and stick to it! Decide whether your winnings will count towards your total spend or whether they will be stored for future use or cashing out – this will prevent you from overspending and help you to enjoy your overall online casino experience.

Know Your Hand Hierarchy: make sure you know this inside out before you sit down at the tables to be in with the best chance of winning. You need to understand hand hierarchy to know whether it is worth folding or continuing with your game, so do your research before you play.